Tactical - PvP

October 2022 - June 2023
Music  - Interactive Music
Sound Design
Wwise Integration

In a city pulsating with sound, rival gangs clash. Coordinate your orders with those of your partner in this party-game to work out your tactics in real time. Your cards let you control your team: move, attack and choose the right moment to use your special skills.

Challenge your friends with out-of-the-ordinary characters, to the rhythm of music that evolves according to the team playing and their actions!

Riff Riot | Game Project

Gameplay Video

Here's a gameplay video of our graduation project "Riff Riot", with a passage through the menu, the lobby, and a full game against 2 other players in LAN.

The game is a bit difficult to set up, due to its LAN constraints, and you need 3 other players to play it...

You can watch a full game here, so you can see a game we created in less than a year, with the "Wacky Team".

But...What is Riff Riot?

Riff Riot is a 2D game, developed by a student team. This game has been developed under Unity (graphic engine), accompanied by Wwise (audio engine).

If you'd like to find out a little more about our project, and how we created or designed it, this is the place! Here's a short video explaining the game, and how it works.